The International Consortium on Hallucination Research (ICHR) is a scientific consortium dedicated to voices, visions, other hallucinations and related experiences.  The ICHR takes a ‘transdiagnostic’ approach to acknowledge the multiple causes, conditions and disorders which can produce hallucinations and other sensations.

The ICHR was developed in 2010 to promote international collaborative efforts, stimulate on hallucination research, and prompt new clinical developments.  It is designed as a scientific platform for researchers, professionals and people with a lived experience to collaborate together on research topics related to hallucinations and related experiences, and to act as a vehicle for the cross-fertilization of ideas.  The ICHR values strong partnerships with persons with a lived experience, their carers and families.  We support the power of the joint voice and collaboration and our aim is to be approachable and receptive.

Collaborative opportunities are enabled through a variety of initiatives, including annual conferences (Satellite Scientific conferences or ICHR Working Groups meetings), working group activities, and the new ICHR directory.