Working Groups and Publications


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2016 Introduction Advancing Our Understanding of Hallucinations

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2016 Hallucinations and the Brain’s Resting State Networks


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2016 Are Hallucinations due to Imbalance of Excitatory and Inhibitory influences


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2016 Link between Hallucinations Sleep Dreams Hypnagogic Hypnapompic


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2014 Top 10 Hot Spots in Hallucination Research

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2014 Culture and Hallucinations


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2014 Psychological therapies for auditory hallucinations

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2014 Children and Adolescents From Phenomenology to Neurophysiology


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2014 Hearing Voices Movement Emerging Perspectives


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2014 Hallucinations in Persons With and Without the Need for Care


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2014 PSYRATS Symptom Dimensions


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2014 Subtyping AVH and Implications for Research


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2014 Studying Hallucinations within NIMH RDoC Framwork

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2014 Visual Hallucinations Psychosis Neurodegenerative Disorders Eye Disease

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2014 Interdisciplinary Approaches Phenomenology AVH

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2014 Understanding Cortical Organization from Tones to Sensed Social Interactions


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2012 Cognitive mechanisms of hallucinations schizophrenia and nonschizophrenia


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2012 Neurophysiological Studies of Auditory Hallucinations

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2012 Characteristics Features of AVH in Clinical and NonClinical Groups

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2012 Neuroimaging auditory hallucinations

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2012 Treatment of Hallucinations in Schizophrenia

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2012 Report Update and 16 Consensus Set Goals

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