The International Consortium on Hallucination Research is designed to provide a platform for researchers and mental health professionals to meet and collaborate on research topics related to hallucinations, and as a vehicle for the cross-fertilization of ideas.

The consortium’s objective is to energize research into hallucinations, promote scientific rigor and boost international collaborative work on the topic of hallucinations and related symptoms.

Consortium meetings are held biannually, and hosted by Consortium members who take it in turn. The traditional format is that of working groups who work together on a particular topic of their choice. Members of a working group must be invited by a working group leader.

This year, we are pleased to announce a satellite meeting of the Consortium in Tronheim Norway (9-10 Sept 2014). Instead of working-groups, the format of thisĀ  conference is of open presentations. It welcomes all academics, clinicians and people with lived experience. Please see call for abstracts for oral, poster and workshop presentations on the next page.