ICHR logoThe International Consortium on Hallucination Research (ICHR) is designed to provide a scientific platform for researchers, mental health professionals and people with a lived experience of ‘voices’ and other hallucinations to collaborate on research topics related to hallucinations, and to act as a vehicle for the cross-fertilization of ideas.

The 4th International Consortium meeting on Hallucination Research will take place in Lille, France, 6th-8th November 2017.   Please visit the conference website for registration and all other information: https://ichr2017.sciencesconf.org/

Call for posters:  Day 1 of the conference will have a poster session area and we invite attendees to present a poster pertaining to any topic related to hallucinations and related experiences.  We will also have an area dedicated to posters addressing treatment, intervention and management approaches for distressing voices and other hallucinations.  There will be a poster prize for the most innovative and promising treatment or intervention idea.