ICHR logoThe International Consortium on Hallucination Research (ICHR) is designed to provide a scientific platform for researchers, mental health professionals and people with a lived experience of ‘voices’ and other hallucinations to collaborate on research topics related to hallucinations, and to act as a vehicle for the cross-fertilization of ideas.

It was founded in 2010 as an initiative to increase international collaborative work, stimulate research, reduce inefficiencies and prompt new clinical developments. Its objective remains to energize research into voices and hallucinations, promote scientific rigor and boost international collaborative work on the topic.

Bi-annual ICHR meetings (Working Groups only)

The next meeting is to take place in Lille France (November 2017).

Working group ICHR meetings take place once every two years. The traditional format is that of a two-day scientific meeting comprising presentations from the working groups, as well as group discussion time. Bi-annual meetings only involve members of working groups who have been working on a particular topic in the previous year. The purpose of restricting numbers is to allow discussion time which is best done in small groups.

Satellite ICHR meetings (Open conferences)

The last meeting was held in Chicago USA in October 2016.   We are thrilled to announce that a host has come forward to convene the 2018 Satellite meeting at an exotic location (watch this space!)

The format of these ‘open’ conferences is that of an academic conference about hallucinations and related symptms.  The conference welcomes researchers, academics, clinicians, students, people with lived experience, families and other interested parties to attend, hear about the latest research findings, present and discuss their work and idea, and exchange information. It provides a fantastic opportunity forge new collaborations at the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary level, and across sectors.

For information about our meetings, conferences, and working groups (past, present, and future) please explore our website.