2017 International Consortium Conference and Meeting – Lille, France





The 4th International Consortium Conference and Meeting on Hallucination Research will take place in Lille, France, 6th-8th November 2017.   Professor Renaud Jardri and A/Professor Frank Laroi will be our hosts.

For the conference registration, and for all program, venue and travel details, please visit the special conference website: https://ichr2017.sciencesconf.org/

The conference will comprise:

An “open” conference day (Day 1), with presentations and discussions from international experts (listing below).  This open day is free to everyone who wishes to attend (clinicians, academics, students, voice-hearers, general community members).  Attendees can also present posters and will have the opportunity to contribute to discussions and take part in collaborative discussions.  The conference is FREE but pre-registration is necessary.

Call for posters:  Day 1 of the conference will have a poster session area dedicated to all topics related to hallucinations and related symptoms.  We are also offering an opportunity for people to showcase their latest knowledge and findings about therapies, interventions or management for distressing hallucination and voices with a poster prize for the most innovative and promising idea.

Day 2 and Day 3 (D2-D3) will comprise a two-day scientific meeting for ICHR working groups whose projects were selected in January 2017.   Days 2 and 3 only involves members of working groups and is not open to open for other registration. The purpose of restricting numbers is to allow discussion time which is best done in small groups.

For all conference details, please visit the website:  https://ichr2017.sciencesconf.org/

Day 1 Presentations and discussions will include the following (alphabetical order)

Andre Aleman (Groningen, Netherlands)

Paul Allen (London, UK)

Ron Coleman (Lewis Island, UK)

Philip Corlett (Yale, USA)

Arnaud Cachia (Paris, France)

Mohamad El Haj (Lille, France)

Gilles Fénelon (Créteil, France)

Charles Fernyhough (Durham, UK)

Judith Ford (San Francisco, USA)

Renaud Jardri (Lille, France)

Frank Laroi (Liège, Belgium & Bergen, Norway)

Simon McCarthy-Jones (Dublin, IRL)

Iris Sommer (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Neil Thomas (Melbourne, Australia)

Flavie Waters (Perth, Australia)

Todd Woodward (Vancouver, Canada)