Fellowship applications

‘Hearing the voice’ group in Durham is inviting applications from researchers recently based outside the UK for research fellowships . These would suit relatively new postdocs, but there are also some more senior fellowships under the senior scheme.

The advert is here:

Please note that the deadline for the junior fellowships is 2 December. Address all enquiries to :‎

Workshop on Schizotypy Research

Raymond Chan, Alex Cohen and Martin Debbane would like to officially announce Beijing will host the 2nd International Workshop on Schizotypy Research. The event will take place June 19-20 2017. See the website ( for registration and program.

ICHR publications can be found here:

Thomas, N., Rossell, S. L., & Waters, F. (2015). The changing face of hallucination research: the International Consortium on Hallucination Research (ICHR) 2015 meeting report. Schizophrenia bulletin, sbv183.


Alderson-Day, B., Diederen, K., Fernyhough, C., Ford, J. M., Horga, G., Margulies, D. S., … & van de Ven, V. (2016). Auditory Hallucinations and the Brain’s Resting-State Networks: Findings and Methodological Observations. Schizophrenia Bulletin, sbw078.


Jardri, R., Hugdahl, K., Hughes, M., Brunelin, J., Waters, F., Alderson-Day, B., … & Debbané, M. (2016). Are Hallucinations Due to an Imbalance Between Excitatory and Inhibitory Influences on the Brain?. Schizophrenia bulletin, sbw075.


Waters, F., Blom, J. D., Dang-Vu, T. T., Cheyne, A. J., Alderson-Day, B., Woodruff, P., & Collerton, D. (2016). What is the Link Between Hallucinations, Dreams, and Hypnagogic–Hypnopompic Experiences?. Schizophrenia Bulletin, sbw076.

Special Supplement with reports from 11 working groups:

It contains:

Thomas N et al (2014) Psychological therapies for auditory hallucinations (voices): current status and key directions for future research. Schizophr Bull  40  (Suppl 4): S195-S197. 

Larøi F et al (2014) Culture and hallucinations: overview and future directions. Schizophr Bull. 40  (Suppl 4): S195-S197

 Jardri R, et al (2014) From phenomenology to a neurophysiological understanding of hallucinations in children and adolescents. Schizophr Bull.; 40  (Suppl 4): S195-S197.
Waters F, et al (2014) Visual hallucinations in the psychosis-spectrum, and comparative information from neurodegenerative disorders and eye disease. Schizophr Bull. 40  (Suppl 4): S195-S197.

voice-clinic Perth Voices Clinic, operated from Murdoch University and affiliated with The University of Western Australia. For more informatin, see ( or contact Georgie (



New Books


In this book, Dr Subbiah introduces us to Susie who speaks to four children who hear voices.  With Suse’s help, the children discover that they are not the only one who hear voices, and go on to speak about their personal choices and how to achieve their goals.


Psychothérapies des hallucinations

Psychothérapies des hallucinations  (2016)

R. Jardri, J. Favrod, F. Laroi



Voices Within

The Voices Within (2016)

Charles Fernyhough

Profile Books/Wellcome Collection



The Multisensory Hallucination Scale for Children (MHASC) You can follow Lulu, mascot of the App., in his adventures on twitter ( or facebook (


Books on hallucinations and other unusual experiences.

Assessment of PsychosisThe Assessment of Psychosis: A Clinical Textbook and Rating Scales (2015)

Edited by Flavie Waters and Massoud Stephane.

Routledge (Taylor & Francis)


Hayward et al book coverPsychological Approaches to Understanding and Treating Auditory Hallucinations: From theory to therapy

Mark Hayward et al.




NeuroSci HallThe Neuroscience of Hallucinations

Edited by Renaud Jardri et al.





50 stories v2Living with Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery

Marius Romme et al.





McCarthy-JonesHearing Voices: The Histories, Causes and Meanings of Auditory Verbal Hallucinations

Simon McCarthy-Jones


Cambridge University Press.


Hall Res Prac
Hallucinations: Research and Practice

Edited by J.D. Blom & Iris Sommer




HaywardOvercoming Distressing Voices

Mark Hayward et al.




Frank Andre

Hallucinations: A guide to treatment and management

Editted by Frank Larøi, & Andre Aleman


Oxford University Press


Children hearing voicesChildren Hearing Voices

Sandra Escher & Marius Romme




Frank and Andre 2

Hallucinations: The Science of Idiosyncratic Perception

Frank Laroi and Andre Aleman


Oxford University Press


Doctoring the MindDoctoring the mind: Why psychiatric treatments fail

Richard Bentall


Oxford University Press.